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 We are Working

Who am I? Why I do what I do and how I do it?

Two passions connect in my work: passion for business and passion for people. Loooove working with big organisations! I am a restless explorer who never stops challenging limiting beliefs and pushing the boundaries of what people can achieve together - in collaboration. I believe in simplicity, in working with the spirit of play, daring to dream big, working towards mastery, owning our choices and showing up in life.

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I believe the world moves when we act, and I am determined to work with people who show up in their game, practice curiosity, strive for excellence, keep the bar high for themselves and others and in the same time do their best to act with wisdom, love and respect.

My passion is fuelled by challenging conversations that ignite mind-set shifts and breakthrough ideas. And then, I am eager to test them in practice.

 We are Working- nastavak

I am in pursuit to challenge all the “yes, BUT”’s, “but, you CAN’T”’s and “IMPOSSIBLE”’s of the learned helplessness of the corporate world.

I passionately believe that we create most of our reality. Complex change and transformation efforts can be, and should be, much less complicated than we tend to make them be. I am deeply convinced that only systemic approaches can bring lasting transformation and that collaboration is the key. And while we do have to have the determination and stamina for a long race, transformation can happen much faster than we give it credit for.

We have the power to create healthy work environments, and organisations can be inspiring places where people, and thus the business, thrive.

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I believe that mastery is achieved only by integrating our head, heart and gut. We have to know ourselves well to really own our impact.

The learning never ends and practice is essential.

And only by DOING we create. Just thinking wisely does not cut it – our thoughts have to turn to action to actually bring about change.

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My working principles:

  1. Head in the sky, feet on the ground, compassionate heart and daring gut in between:
      • Head in the sky – look at the big picture, have a dream, act with vision
      • Feet on the ground – be present, be real, sense the world as IT IS, NOW
      • Compassionate heart – act with love and respect
      • Daring gut – listen to your intuition, do what needs to be done
  2. Practice curiosity and non-judgemental observation in everything I do
  3. Always look for wise action
  4. Never stop learning, and still remember – knowledge has an expiry date. So pay attention - notice, and be willing to unlearn whatever needs to be unlearned when it’s time

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My background

I am a Certified Professional Coach (ICF PCC), and a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) With BSc in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Management degree, I worked in the corporate world for 15 years, most of those in management and leadership roles.

For more detailed information on my career background, education and references pls check My Linkedin Profile

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I believe in structure, tested tools and mastery in craft.

Some of the Tools, principles and methods I like and use: