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The Points of You® Train the Trainer program is an experiential workshop that will help you get acquainted with the Points of You® methodology and learn how to use and integrate Points of You® tools (The Coaching Game & Punctum) into your everyday work, fostering your success in serving your clients.

Points of You® tools and method are grounded in the principles of photo-therapy and the application of asociative techiques in supporting clients in their personal and professional growth. The games light up the spirit of play and creativity in people pondering work and life challenges, assessing problems and challenging situations, visioning desired outcomes, planing their next steps, inspiring and empowering for action.

This Train The Trainer program is designed for professionals looking for creative approaches to igniting personal and organisational development, professionals that search for tools that will help them help people (individuals, teams, organisations, communities) to expand perspective, challenge limiting beliefs, break old patterns, open their hearts, embrace collaboration, inspire creativity and new ideas.

If you are a helping professional, your work involves designing experiential learning processes, or designing and facilitating team collaboration processes (coaching, training, business meetings, conferences, team engagement workshops ... ) Points of You® tools and methods will for sure trigger your curiosity :)

During the last 10 years, facilitators, coaches, psychologists, pedagogists, therapists, teachers, youth counselors, business and soft skills trainers, managers, consultants, mentors all over the world have integrated with great passion and enthusiasm the Points of You® method into their work, using it in wide variety of developmental approaches with adults, kids and youth – both in individual and group processes.

The Train The Trainer Program includes:

  • A two-day training workshop to experience the Points of You® methodology, learn how to integrate the use of Points of You® tools into your current work and also create your own experiential workshops using the Points of You® tools and approach
  • One 60min individual mentor-coaching session after the training, to support you in designing your own Points of You® workshop
  • Set Points of You® tools – 1 x The Coaching Game + 1 x Punctum (total value 247 USD)
  • A collection of ready-to-use Points of You® processes with detailed facilitation instructions
  • 6 ICF accredited CCEU's

Points of You®