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What is your craft? Would you call yourself a master?

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Hands - What is your craft? Would you call yourself a master?

I love words. Digging for their roots, learning how they came about.
Exploring their meaning and how it changes when they partner with other words.

Sensing their energy, what they move in me, how they make me feel.
What they help me know

Take the word CRAFT.
I love how it speaks for action, practice, skill, commitment, mastery, creation.

Say it out-loud. Sense it. CRAFT.
You can almost feel it’s shape in your hands.

Craft is about bringing something to existence with skill.
Bringing something tangible to life by consistent doing (crafting) until it’s done.

It awakens the energy of accountability in me.
Brings a sense of focus and determination. Will.

One does not become a true craftsman
without commitment to continuous practice.
Exercising rigorous self-improvement. Striving for mastery.

A true craftsman knows that before you become a master,
you are a learner, an apprentice, first.

You pick your craft.
You find a teacher.
You get to know your concrete.
You build your toolbox and you master your tools.

You show up every day.
You dust your hands. You practice.
You create.

You try, you fail, you try again.

Until you own it.
You master your craft.

I love the word!
You will hear me play it’s tunes a lot.

And when I do, when I invite it,
I wish for us to sense its wisdom,
let it guide our choices as we practice.

Practice the craft of life.
The craft of change

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