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Just a few messy thoughts about the messiness of being human

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A few weeks ago a dear friend (and one of my best thinking partners in the world) called a conversation that still echoes in me. About awakening humanness in organisations.

I was like, gosh, this could get rather philosophical!
But when G calls, i show up.

So there we were, a small funky group of curious humans connecting in exploration.
What is it to be human?

What did we come up with?

Being human is - innumerable things.

Wanting to feel valued, connected, heard, respected. Craving to be seen, to be listened to, to be loved, to be trusted. To be challenged … Wanting things to be a certain way, preferably our way, then wanting them to change. To be included. To be left alone, given space. In one word - being needy, in countless different ways.

Being passionate, excited, full of energy, engaged.
Disappointed, tired, disengaged.
Emotional. Restrained.
Happy. Unhappy. Loveable. Un-loveable…

Predictably unpredictable.

AND it also means having that amazing super-power called Consciousness.

Capacity for self-reflection, self-regulation and learning. Capacity to take responsibility, practice discipline and mindful action, to choose how we respond to people and events. To own our choices. To be accountable.

The question is how often do we use it?

Humanness is already awake in organisations! Big time.

Organisations as they are, with all their joy and their pain - are a practical manifestation of EVERYTHING that we as humans are. The best of, and the worst of it.

So the question might not be how do we awaken, but what part of our humanness do we nurture? And how skilful and determined are we in igniting and harvesting the best of what we are?

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