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The why, when and how of using Points of You® tools

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Points of you® tools are innovative, inspiring tools for training and development grounded in principles of working with photography as a “vehicle” for expanding perspectives, opening possibilities, inspiring action.


Because it works. Every time.
​What I love most about Points of you® is the wide variety of it's potential uses. It brings a spirit of play into the room and allows diving deep, really fast. Unexpected but precise, the game makes every conversation matter. It’s magic works effectively both in one-on-one setting and in a conference environment with hundreds of participants. Those are different processes of course, and require different facilitations skills and styles – but the tools never fail in energizing the group and inspiring insights buy inviting and embracing multiple perspectives.

The tool offers countless different ways for application – once you understand the method and the key principles of working with Points of You® cards (e.g. the benefits and drawbacks of working with cards Face-up or Face-down) it is up to you how you integrate it into your process design.

The Points of You® method is a four step process that starts with an invitation to participants to first meet themselves in a Pause, then Expand their perspective by exploring one or multiple photos (typically guided through an unexpected but precise conversational process), Focus on their most important insight and conclude the process by designing their next steps - the forthcoming Actions.
 When and how I use the tools:

  • In one on coaching conversations (combining the use of photography, words, stories and powerful coaching questions helps the coachee to dive deep faster, feel more resourceful, inspired, empowered and accountable to act)
  • In team coaching processes when assessing team dynamics I often use Points of You® tools combined with other frameworks like Lencioni’s Team effectiveness pyramid or the Four rooms of change
  • In group coaching sessions, using a dynamic conversation process combining dyads, small group conversations and personal reflection. The process can involve exchanging cards, building group puzzles, working with photo albums, word association charts, etc.
  • In leadership development training to facilitate feedback and self-reflection (exploring one’s own leadership impact, communication style or people engagement skills) – the exercise is based on using a photo album, fast paced speed dating process and silent observation recording from multiple observers
  • In innovation and creativity workshops – to foster breakthrough thinking, practice non-judgement, ignite new perspectives
  • In strategic planning – as a visioning tool, cultural assessment tool, strategy assessment tool
  • As an energizer or a networking tool in large conference environment

"Viewing any photograph begins an associative and emotional process in each viewer, and each viewer sees a unique reality inside the photograph’s borders. Thus any single photograph can hold numerous meanings simultaneously. The borders of every snapshot form both a window into the image and also a window into the viewer’s mind” (Judy Wiser, “Photo Therapy techniques”)
(This short introduction to Points of You® tools was first published in Trainer Toolbox by Mirna - a wonderful space to look for inspiration and discover new tools - check it out HERE )

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